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A brief demonstration of Multitasking Esp32 HTTP, FTP and Telnet server for ESP32 (Arduino)

HTML/REST/JSON bi-directional communication with ESP32

 Built-in LED
 Use of nice controls.

 Up time
 Test stability of the code.

 HTTP requests
 Measure HTTP trafic.

 Free heap
 Find memory leaks.

 Free heap
 Find memory leaks.

 Max free block
 Find heap problems.

HTML/WebSocket data streaming

 Find network problems.

Web server examples

Dynamically generated HTML page.

Static HTML page (.html file) calling REST functions.

Checkbox calling REST functions.

Stylish checkbox calling REST functions.

Nice web GUI controls.

Example of cookie set by web server.

Web session login example.
Only loggedin users can access this page.

The use of websockets.

Use cases

See what is going on within your ESP32 project.

Photo album demonstrating: dynamically generated web portal, web sessions with login/logout options, local database data storage.